Add juice to your game with one line of code!

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Juicebox is a code library which allows you to easily add “juice” to your game – effects such as shaking the screen, sliding GUI elements in, smoothly changing color and scale, playing sound effects, emitting a burst of particles, all accessible with just a single line of code, any time and anywhere you need it.

Juicebox lets you quickly and easily add some life to your game, make very effective GUI, or simplify coding some common tasks such as playing sounds or spawning particles. With Juicebox, you don’t have to worry about managing sound players or particle objects, or writing complicated functions for shaking the camera.

Juicebox is incredibly easy to use: simply drop the Juicebox prefab into your scene and you’re good to go. You can access the effects from anywhere in your code. Effects can be customized by using custom values, or you can simply use the default values.

Juicebox is written in C#, and you get full access to the code; no dll files.

Check out the demo for the full list of effects:
(all GUI effects in the demo were done using Juicebox only)

Download the documentation for free: