Announcing Mosaic Maze – a platformer game for PC!

Check out the game page here!

This is a project that started as an entry for Ludum Dare, the famous 48 hours game development competition. The theme was “Entire Game On One Screen” (LD 31). I decided to go with a classic platformer, with one gimmick. Instead of the classic level progression where you go from one screen to another, in order to fit the theme of the competition the levels build themselves continuously as you play.  Thus the game technically takes place on one screen, while the level builds itself ahead of you.

My focus for this project was simply a solid execution of a tried-and-true genre. Effective visual style, solid, tight controls, and a high skill cap with a smooth difficulty progression are the most prominent features.

Since the original Ludum Dare entry turned out rather well and received generally positive feedback, I decided to spend some more time on the project and turn it into a full game. I kept the core idea and features, added lots of content and polished up the aesthetics.

The game is set for release in May 2015,

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